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45 places

Solar showers

Food and drinks

Area information

Free kitchen area (not equipped)

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Telephone service from 9:00 to 19:00

To take into account...

A mountain refuge is an establishment that offers meals, overnight accommodation, information about the area, a first aid point and communication, and refreshments for the users who visit it.

Like many other huts, the one at Comapedrosa is an isolated establishment, which means that we have no connection to the electricity or sewer network. Due to these conditions, it is necessary to establish procedures that allow the development of the shelter’s activity, taking into account the limitations of the establishment.

  • 45 places
  • Food and drinks
  • Solar showers
  • Area information
  • Free kitchen area (not equipped)
  • Wi-Fi


  • Opening
    continued from June 1 to October 12

  • Outside these dates, opening subject to reservation.


  • The opening hours of the bar service are from 8 am to 9 pm

  • Lunch: between 12:30 and 3pm

  • Dinners: At 19:30

How does a mountain refuge work?

Coexistence in a space such as a protected mountain refuge requires respect for a set of basic rules:

General rules:


When arriving at the Comapedrosa Refuge, all users must identify themselves, showing the relevant documentation to the refuge guard.


Regarding rest times: at 10pm the lights in the common areas are turned off, to allow the mountaineers to rest.


In order to make better use of the Refuge, it is recommended, whenever possible, to reserve overnight accommodation and/or meals as far in advance as possible. You must take care of public spaces: do not leave litter, do not damage the facilities, pay attention to the indications, etc


The refugi team is responsible for organizing the distribution of users in the bedrooms. It should be taken into account that in periods of high attendance, it is likely to be necessary to share a room with other users.

Free kitchen area

The open kitchen area is the space where the hiker can prepare the meals himself, but it must be emphasized that it is only the space, there are no utensils, no soap, no scouring pad. There is a sink for washing dishes (cold water) and an area to put the stove or food. The use of the free kitchen is reserved for those people who spend the night at the refuge.


Pets are not allowed inside the shelter.

Food intolerances

In the event of any food restrictions on the part of the users (allergies and intolerances, vegetarians/vegans) the security team must be notified in advance, so that the relevant measures can be taken.

Priority of use

The priority of use of the Refuge will be in this order: a) The sick or injured and the rescuers in the performance of their duties, who will have absolute priority over all users of the Refuge. b) Users who have a confirmed reservation and are or have confirmed arrival at the shelter before 7:00 p.m.



It is requested not to throw anything inside the WC (paper, wipes, waste, etc.), and to use the container, as the autonomous water sanitation team cannot accept this type of waste.


The showers work using tokens available at reception. Each card lasts 2 minutes. Please reduce the use of hot water to a minimum, in order to optimize the shelter's energy consumption and allow all users to enjoy the service.

It is expressly prohibited...


Light a fire or cook outside the places designated and indicated by this function.


Remaining in the dormitories after 9:00 a.m., unless justified.


The operation of all kinds of sound devices that may disturb other users.


Smoking in the Refuge facilities.

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